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Map RecordNorthumberland Hills Hospital

Map RecordNorthumberland Hills HospitalCobourg NHH delivers a broad range of acute, post-acute, outpatient and diagnostic services. * Acute services include emergency and intensive care, medical/surgical care, obstetrical care and palliative care. ... [More]

Map RecordNorthumberland Hills Hospital, Auxiliary

Map RecordNorthumberland Hills Hospital, AuxiliaryCobourg Volunteer organization dedicated to enhancing the patient care provided by the Northumberland Hills Hospital. * Raise $150,000 a year towards the purchase of capital equipment for the hospital through ... [More]

Map RecordNorthumberland Hills Hospital, Dialysis Services

Map RecordNorthumberland Hills Hospital, Dialysis ServicesCobourg * The dialysis unit at NHH is a 12 station satellite of the Peterborough Regional Renal program * Offers chronic hemodialysis services to relatively stable patients * Nephrology clinic and Renal Insuf ... [More]